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Companies will be required  to apply for GST within 30 days from the date of the company's registration.

In Singapore, a company is still allowed to register for GST on a voluntary basis even if the turnover is below the expected $1 million.

For companies who wish to do so on a voluntary basis, it is advised that they first perform a cost-benefit analysis on the impact that GST registration will have on the business and reporting process.

Processing Time (day) 20.00 Day(s)
Price (S$) 400
Payment Type One Time
Required Documents
  • Business Profile
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Copy of signed contract(s) that can prove its taxable revenue will be more than S$1million.
  • Copy of Licence/ Permit / Approval from relevant authorities to run business activities
  • Recent 2 months of detailed Purchase Listing with 3 copies of recent suppliers' invoices
  • List of confirmed/potential customers & suppliers
  • Copy of the signed contract(s), accepted tender / quotations, confirmed purchase order
  • Others 

GST Registration S$400