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/   Individual Income Tax

Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanen Resident(PR) who resides in Singapore or, Foreigner who has stayed / worked in Singapore for 183 days or more in the previous year 


Are treated as a resident in Singapore and subject to tax.


Some tax reliefs and rebates are applied to taxpayers.

  • Earned income relief
  • Spouse/handicapped spouse relief
  • Qualifying/handicapped child relief
  • Working mother's child relief
  • Parent/handicapped parent relief
  • Grandparent caregiver relief
  • Handicapped brother/sister relief
  • CPF
  • Provident Fund relief
  • Life Insurance relief
  • Course fees relief
  • Foreign maid levy relief 
  • CPF cash top-up relief (self, dependant and Medisave account)
  • Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) relief
  • NSman(Self/wife/parent) relief
Processing Time (day) 1.00 Day(s)
Price (S$) 300
Payment Type One Time
Required Documents
  • EP,SP,WP In Principe Approval 
  • Notification letter from MOM
  • Payslip, CPF slip for the previous year

Individual Income Tax S$300