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/   Withholding tax

When non resident company or individual derives an income from a Singapore source, a percentage of payment is withheld and paid to the IRAS.


Withholding tax is applicable to non-resident companies or individual for: 

  • Income derived from a Singaporean source
  • Services provided or work done in Singapore

The types of payments subject to wihholding tax: 

  • Interests, commissions, and any other debt- or loan-related fees
  • Royalty, rights of use, and intellectual property
  • Management fees
  • Services rendered
  • Rent
Processing Time (day) 10.00 Day(s)
Price (S$) 300
Payment Type One Time
Required Documents
  • Invoice, Contract/agreement,  Payment slip  
  • Vendor or Individual name/ Nature of payment/ Amount(S$)

Withholding tax S$300